March 4, 2022
Kristen Miles, Athletes Unlimited, Director of Basketball Operations True to our intentions from the beginning, we are providing an additional opportunity for women to play professional basketball in the U.S., whether on a current roster or not. A whole new breed of women’s pro hoops is soon to be unleashed on Las Vegas, and these...
Amber Nichols, Capital City Go-Go GM I’m proud to be a woman GM. I’m very thankful to be recognized. But, ultimately, the work isn’t done. I have the opportunity; now what am I going to do with it? That’s where my intent, my sense of urgency is.Amber Nichols, Capital City Go-Go GM

In The Community

The John Wall Family Foundation strives to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged families and impact the lives of at-risk youth through mentorship, education and physical activity.

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